CH Graybulls Awesome Cup O' Gold
Dam: Madame's lil bulldozer

Kirby came into the world destined to be our daughter's
love. We knew that he was special
the moment he was born and Aimee fell in love with him the
moment she saw him. I should mention that both Trouble
and Kirby shared the same mother but not the same father.
Their mother was Dozer, named by Bill (that was the first
and last dog that he got to name!) Kirby continued to
delight us with his growth and development. He was such a
happy, healthy puppy that we never doubted that he would
be our next show prospect. Little did we know what a
wonderful future lay ahead of him. A short overview of his
show career would include 3 specialty majors, one at 8
months old and 2 more at 12 months old. He then went to
Nationals as a 17-month-old and took Best of Opposite Sex
the second day of the 1991 BCA Nationals in Seattle. He
really wasn't shown much because he hated the car, but he
did go to the Nationals the next year in Connecticut so
that Aimee could show him in Junior Showmanship and they
won! He really retired to the couch and his toys after that
and enjoyed his occasional stud services that have
produced some beautiful, specialty winning get. At the ripe
old age of ten, Kirby was retired from breeding, but his
beautiful head, jaw and substance are being carried on
through his frozen semen.
Sadly, we lost Kirby at the age of 10 1/2. Sleep warm dear
one & may all the toys be yours.