Our journey into the wonderful world of bulldogs began
over 25 years ago when we decided that the bulldog met
our needs as a family. We wanted a medium sized pet, sturdy,
short coat, low maintenance and wonderful with
children. Little did we know that the purchase of “Madame”
would begin an adventure that continues to this day.

Let me introduce myself. I am Kay Gray, a speech
pathologist by profession and a true bulldog fanatic. I do
most of the showing of our bulldogs and I have been an
AKC judge of bulldogs and junior showmanship for 15

My husband of over 40 years, Bill, is the force behind
Graybull. He does all the driving to shows and all the
extra things that are necessary to make us successful at
the sport of dogs. He and Artemis logged thousands of
miles while we campaigned him. Bill is also an AKC bulldog
judge. He has the honor of judging dogs at the upcoming
2014 BCA Nationals in Denver, Colorado.

Our two children now have families of their own but our
daughter Aimee still tries to find a little time to help mom
show the dogs. She had the honor of winning best junior
handler at the BCA Nationals several years ago.
She continues to have an excellent eye for a good bulldog.

We have been and continue to be very active in our local
club, The Pacific Coast Bulldog Club and the Bulldog
Club of America, Division III. After several years as
president of PCBC I recently stepped down to let others
take over the leadership role. Bill and I have both been
councilors in BCA.

Our philosophy continues to be simple- to breed and exhibit
the best bulldogs we can, incorporating good
conformation and stressing good health and sound